Silvis Business Association

Minutes from April 16, 2013 Location PK Dugan’s

Members Present:  President:  Shirley Helmick
Vice President:  Doug Small, River City Sign
Treasurer:  Scott Beeler, Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Secretary:  Holly Wilkinson, Rock Valley Physical Therapy
Mike Reed, Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Flora Cantu, Salon El Molino
Sandi Schmidt, Silvis Public Library
Dave Emerick, Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Allen Younts, US Cellular
Sam Bhakba, Plaza Motel

Honorary Members:Kathy Hall, Alderman
Jim Nelson, City of Silvis, City Clerk
Jim Grafton, City of Silvis
Don Ague, Silvis Garden Club

Minutes were approved with a motion from Scott Beeler and a second from Holly Wilkinson. Financials were presented by Scott Beeler.

Old Business:

New Business:

The next Moonlight Parade meeting:  May 6th at 7pm at Slugger’s.  The topic will be selection of a theme, among other things.  Jim Nelson is also currently working on developing committees.  He has an individual to work on parade line up and to send information out regarding floats.  Jim is going to speak to the new mayor about attaining a liquor license for the event.  Mr. Nelson has talked to a couple of people about holding the run….considering moving possibly to 3pm and call it the Silvis Splash.  It would be a 5K. Direct interested individuals for vendors or crafters to City Hall, Jim will be speaking to Dr. Bobb about the website, forms and what Dr. Bobb will be willing to assist with.

Consumer surveys that were sent out…they have had a 25% response rate.  There is a business survey available on-line.  If you have not received an email it is available on the City of Silvis website and will be available until tomorrow.

The greenhouse will officially open this Friday for sales.  May 11th will be the first large plant sale.  Hours for the greenhouse are:  Tuesday through Saturday 9-1pm and Sunday 12-4pm

George O Barr ribbon cutting will be 4pm April 18th.

Clean up Day April 27th at 8:30am. Gloves and safety vests and supplies needed for the cleanup are provided.  Individuals interested are to meet at the City Garage.

The Silvis Business Association discussed making a donation to the Silvis Main Street Program at the last meeting and this topic was tabled at that time to be discussed at today’s meeting.  The initial expense to start up this organization will be approx $1350.  Dave Emerick suggested the possibility of the SBA to cover half of the funds needed for this program.  In order to be an official Main Street they need to send in the application to the State of Illinois.  Main Street will look for ways to seek out businesses that are looking for counsel regarding the look of their building and other business needs.  SBA will still be involved in parade planning and execution at the same level this year.  The hope is that the Main Street Program would take this over these responsibilities in 2014.  April 22nd will be the next meeting for Main Street.  Kathy Hall will send out information about this meeting.  It will be held in Moline.  Doug Small made a motion for the SBA to donate half the cost not to exceed $800 for the start up expenses for Main Street in Silvis, with the motion seconded by Scott Beeler.  Motion passed unanimously.

Dave Emerick re-introduced his vision for the SBA, to be more involved in the development of relationships between the city and the businesses.  The SBA can be a conduit of information and can be advocates regarding area businesses and their needs.  Shirley Helmick is going to call on area cities to ask about ordinances and procedures to locate businesses.  SBA could schedule a meeting with the new Mayor and to find out how we can assist him as the SBA.  Jim Nelson will invite Mr. Tom Conrad to our May meeting.

The next meeting will be on May 21, 2013 – Slugger’s  - 12:30 PM