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Jacobsen Eye Care- 704- Crosstown Ave.,   Ph.-796-1444

Jill Douglas- Met Life Insurance-Ph 948-1631

Learning Tree Child Care- 1414-10th Street-  792-9414

LET'S RIDE- BICYCLE SHOP          89  -9TH STREET         309-752-9850

The Lighthouse at Silvis              1900-10th St .  309-792-2800

McGehee ,Olson, Pepping Attorneys at Law- 105-7th St. ,Ph.-755-5096

Miller Trucking & Excavating - 3303 John Deere Rd., Ph.- 755-7644

Moline Daily Dispatch- 1720- 5th Ave., Moline, -Ph. 757-5018

National Railway Co. 300-9th St. N. - 755-6800

P. K. Dugans Restaurant -1443-1st St., Ph.-644-1227

Pillar Equipment- 2001 5th St. Suite 40 -563-343-4939

Plaza Motel- 1320-1st Ave., Ph.- 792-0677

Porkies Restaurant- 130-1st Ave.- 7553966

QC Custom Tees- 798 25th Ave. Silvis  -528-1173

River City Sign- 915-1st Ave., Ph.-796-3606

Rock Valley Physical Therapy- 902- Illini Dr.- 796-3450

River Valley Turf Inc.- 1660- John Deere Rd, Silvis,- 796-1600

Salon El Molino- 916-1st Ave. -792-6260

Sentry Insurance- Shirley Helmick- 309-648-5562

Schroder Mortuary Inc., -701- 1st Ave., Ph.-755-2212

Silvis Dairy Queen 2263- 7th St. Silvis Ph -7964641

Silvis Hawkeye- 1440-1st Ave., Ph.-792-1051

Silvis Food and Beer- 907- 1st Ave. PH- 309- 792-3066

Silvis Public Library- 105-8th St., Ph.-236-1342\svp\

Silvis Quick Change-  Tires, Oil Lube Shop-     1304-1st Ave. Silvis, 792-1103

Silvis Shell Express- 2101 Hospital Rd.

Sluggers Pizza- 637 1st Street- 309-792-9100

Sunny Cove 903-1st Ave, Silvis, Il 428-4663

Superior Gutter Inc.-541- 1st Ave. N. -755-7046

St. Mark's Anglican Church- 1550 7th Ave. Silvis 792-3306

TPC Deere Run-3100 HeatherKnoll -796-4015

Triangle Inn-1650- 1st Ave.- 373-3130

Weber Auto Group 101 1st Ave. Silvis- 309-281-1436

Werners Restoration P.O. Box, 496, Colona, Il. 309-949-2393

VanHoe Funeral Home- 1500-6th St., East Moline, Ph.-755-0525

John  Deere Classic- Golf Tournement
Silvis Garden Club- 309-792-0800 for info on meetings

Silvis School District #34
George O. Barr & Silvis Jr. High
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