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                                                             .Silvis Business Association

Minutes from January 17, 2017 @ New Perspectives 12:30-1:30pm

Members Present: President: Dr H. D. Bobb
Vice President: Doug Small
Treasurer: Scott Beeler, Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Secretary: Holly Wilkinson, Rock Valley Physical Therapy 
Ambassador to New Business: Dave Emerick, Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Flora Cantu, Salon el Molino
Tim Phlypo, Let’s Ride Inc.
Imogene Jensen, Friends of Silvis Library
Dave Emerick, Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Kathy Hall, City of Silvis and Silvis Garden Club
Terry Westbrook, Triumph Community Bank
Teresa Cathoir, Lighthouse of Silvis/New Perspective Senior Living
Jim Grafton, City of Silvis
Tom Conrad, City of Silvis
Jim Nelson, City of Silvis
Tim Phlypo, Let’s Ride Inc
Christie Schilling, Director of Silvis Main Street
Matt Carter, Anchor Lumbar
Visitor:Carri Ortiz, The Dispatch/RI Argus/QC Online
Heather David, The Dispatch/RI Argus/QC Online
Wendy DeWitt, WQAD
Erik Schaffer, WQAD

Minutes were presented and a motion from Doug Small was made to accept the minutes, seconded by Scott Beeler: minutes were approved.  

Wendy Dewitt from WQAD shared additional information regarding the proposed commercial opportunity and brought an additional guest who would be filming and producing the commercials. Membership pkg includes the ability to utilize open inventory. 67% of commercials are guaranteed to be during peak time hours. Thirty - 30 second commercials on all 3 stations. There is a digital component as well. It would be on the WQAD website and at this area of advertisement the participants sites would be rotated. There would be a 12 month commitment for this package. Dr. Bobb shared that they had a lot of success with the previous plan – but this pkg is more cost effective with 10 participants it is $160/business. Matt Carter relates that it was a great program and he had a lot of customers come in and mention seeing their ads. Handouts that were provided during the meeting will be included on the website.

Dr. Bobb proposed the possibility of co-sponsoring a Metro East page in the Dispatch. Carri Ortiz shared information about a program titled 2017 At Your Service. Cari also shared an opportunity to have a Silvis Business Association ads – the cost would be $421 to the SBA and would offset the cost for the businesses involved. There is a proposal for all three weeks – this addition will come out on Sunday and will be going all 4 Sundays of February. Heather, from the Dispatch, shared information regarding their Digital Coverage Solution - wanting to be sure that information is in front of the right people at the right time and in the right mode. They can use commercial, a static band, or a rotating set of images (depending upon the number of businesses). Heather states they can place ads on a number of different websites – travel sites, and you can define the audience well. Ads can be turned off and on depending upon hours of operation. There could be a featured business email as well – that could be a couple of businesses or a single business. Marketplace portion of their website is similar to Yelp – it can carry a lot of information – this can serve as a mini website for a business who may not have a website…so an individual searches for a business your information will show up in a search. If you have a website you can purchase to bump up your search status. If the advertisement shows up first, second and third the individual searing is 47% more likely to shop or do business with you. There are also high impact options available.

New Business:  

Candidates Forum will be held on February 9th at George O Barr School at 6pm. Dave Emerick will MC. There will be questions for each candidate and each candidate will be able to share a bio or platform prior to questioning.  

New planters have arrived for downtown Silvis – The Garden Club has already ordered the plants for the planters for 2017.
Banquet at TPC – March 16th or the 23rd depending upon availability event would begin at 6pm.

Teresa shared information from New Perspectives Senior Living of Silvis – Independent, assisted and memory care – or there are respite care options as well. She provided a folder with information.  

Next SBA meeting will be at Slugger’s Pizza, March 21st from 12:30-1:30pm.