Silvis Business Association

Minutes from July 21, 2015 Location Frank’s Pizza

Members Present:  President:  Dr. H. Dan Bobb, Bobb Chiropractic
Vice President:  Ray Terronez, The Lighthouse
Treasurer:  Scott Beeler, Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Secretary:  Holly Wilkinson, Rock Valley Physical Therapy
John Lemke, Bobb Chiropractic
Jim Grafton, City of Silvis
Jim Nelson, City of Silvis
Dave Emmerick, Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Donna Thurman, Silvis Main Street
Kathy Hall, Silvis Garden Club and City of Silvis
Pamela Finch Allensworth, Bender Trucking Inc
Matt Carter, Anchor Lumbar
Jason Wentland, Pillar Equipment
Jen Scherschel, TPC Deere Run
Matt Mizeur, Blackhawk Bank and Trust

Minutes were reviewed, motion made by Pam Finch Allensworth to accept the minutes and seconded by John Lemke motion passed.  Financials were not available.

Moonlight Parade is August 29th  and is offering a variety of activities.  The theme is Bedtime Stories and Nursery Rhymes.  There will be craft vendors, food vendors, car show, kids zone, petting zoo, 5K, the Zinnia Princess will be crowned, Lord and Lady of Silvis Main Street will be named and the lighted parade.  Donna Thurman provided an update.  Float applications are going out.  New this year is a Quad Cities “Got Talent” competition that will be available.  Terry Stone will be providing background music in the area of the gazebo.  T-shrits are available for pre-sale – they are black with orange lighting and the glow in the dark…they say “I got Lit Up at the Moonlight Parade.”  Donna shared a continued need for volunteers for this event.

The Silvis Squared and commercial ads have been placed on hold at this time as The City of Silvis is investigating a branding and positioning marketing plan with Maxim Marketing.  The plan is to cover twelve months and includes marketing recommendations, actions, timeline and budget.  There will be a market analysis, sales and marketing strategies, sales and marketing communications and review and measurement of the plan.  The time to develop the plan will be 20-30 dayds and the cost is $3000.  The primary goal of the campaign will be building the brand and developing a positioning campaign for the City of Silvis.  It will focus on the idea that Silvis is a great place to live and to do business.  The objectives are to build the value of living and working in Silvis, build the value of owning and running a business in Silvis and promoting to shop first in Silvis.  The target audience has been defined as residents, business owners, people working in Silvis and visitors/shoppers.  The primary marketing area is the QCA with secondary being outside of the metro area.

Dr. Bobb will be sending emails out to each business so they are able to provide feedback regarding their business.  This information will be shared via the SBA Facebook page highlighting your business.  Jen Scherschel described boostability is a possible for a posts.  What this means is that you are able to select the demographics that you want to highlight and direct the posts to a certain target audience.  There is a fee associated with boosting but is minimal.  There are also analytics available following a post to track the numbers of visits to the site and likes etc.  There will be a need to have a debit card available to use to pay for boosting. Jason Wentland made motion to attain a debit card for the SBA to utilize for these transactions and Jen Scherschel seconded the motion, the motion carried.

Matt Carter shared a thank you from the Silvis Open.  They reached the maximum number of players this year. 

Jason Wentland shared that he was in Estes Park, CO and shared that he saw a tri fold utilized by that community that reminded him of the concept that we were talking about developing.  He thought that their publication was a great example of a professional publication.  Dr. Bobb will be in Estes Park soon and related that he would be picking this information up. 

Façade program has money to provide 1st Avenue businesses. $40,000 dollars are available and businesses along 1st Ave have until December 31, 2015 to apply for the available money with work being completed by April 30, 2016. 

Next SBA meeting will be at Slugger’s September 15th from 12:30-1:30pm.