Silvis Business Association

Minutes from June 16, 2015 Location PK Dugan’s

Members Present:  President:  Dr. H. Dan Bobb, Bobb Chiropractic
Vice President:  Ray Terronez, The Lighthouse
Secretary:  Holly Wilkinson, Rock Valley Physical Therapy
Jim Grafton, City of Silvis
Dave Emmerick, Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Donna Thurman, Silvis Main Street
Kathy Hall, Silvis Garden Club and City of Silvis
Pamela Finch Allensworth, Bender Trucking Inc
Dale Allensworth, Bender Trucking Inc
Jen Scherschel, TPC Deere Run
Ray Bergles, Silvis #34
Michael Slyter, QC Custom Tees and More

Minutes were reviewed, motion made by Ray Bergles to accept the minutes and seconded by Ray Terronez motion passed.  Scott Beeler was not present and financials were not available.

Silvis Squared – Michael Slyter presented a couple of options regarding the concept.  Dr. Bobb shared a map that Colona utilizes to demonstrate business locations.  Trying to create an awareness of the businesses in the Silvis community and those involved in the SBA. Varied opinions were shared regarding the names of the businesses or numbers as representation.  Dr. Bobb shared that there are 4 larger businesses in the Silvis area who are frequented and this campaign may be a way to make them aware of other businesses in The City of Silvis.  Holly Wilkinson shared that as branding the poster/proposed concept may be too busy with the names posted at their specific locations.  She talked about a more simplified concept that would peak someone’s interest to investigate what is located in each portion of the square.  Ray Bergles shared that the poster brought to his attention businesses that he wasn’t aware were in the community.  Jim Grafton shared that The City of Silvis had talked to a marketing firm last year regarding market analysis.  Dave Emmerick commented on outward facing information – what brings people here?  Dr. Bobb relates that he agrees with knowing what drives people to the area, but we don’t want to wait until the city makes a move on marketing.  Dr. Bobb asked for a vote on support for continuing to pursue this opportunity. This was voted on with hand raise and it was determined that the concept would be investigated further.  Dr. Bobb, Michael Slyter, Doug Small and Jen Scherschel will be involved in a committee to look at Silvis Squared and work together to further develop the concept.

Continue to look for participants in the advertising for the commercials.  The indication was the need for 4 more participants.

SBA Facebook page is open to the public.  Jen suggested highlights for the businesses that are a part of the Silvis Business Association, suggesting possibly once a week. 

Silvis Open went well.  Kathy Hall related it was a very well attended with approximately 88 participants.

El Pueblo’s will be the location for the first Moonlight Parade meeting on June 18, 2015.

Next SBA meeting will be at Frank’s July 21st from 12:30-1:30pm